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Nature Reserves of Greater Poland

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Apart from the numerous parks of Poznan and the lakes of Greater Poland, it is a good idea to see two of the most famous nature reserves situated close to Poznan. Both are perfect sites for having a nice stroll or a rest.

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve is situated on the slope of the Mount Morasko in the northern part of Poznan. It is a nature and astronomical reserve which was established in 1976. It covers the area of 55 ha. The area is covered with oak and hornbeam forests abundant in rare plant and bird species (e.g. black woodpecker). There is a marked trail and an educational path in the reserve.
Morasko Meteorite
The site is most famous for 7 impact craters which are believed to have been made by meteorites. The first meteorite was found here in 1914, whereas the latest one was discovered in the Morasko Meteorite Reserve in September, 2006. It weighs 164 kilos and is the largest meteorite that has ever been found in Poland. A perfect site for having a picnic or a stroll!

Greater Poland National Park – museum of glacial forms

The Greater Poland National Park (Wielkopolski Park Narodowy), situated about 15 km away from Poznan, is one of the most attractive outlying sights visited annually by more than a million tourists. The richness of landscape forms, a wide variety of fauna and flora, tourist trails and easy public transport access make the Wielkopolski National Park popular both with locals and tourists alike.

The terrain relief is the result of the Scandinavian glacier activity. Thus, the Park is often referred to as ''a museum of glacial forms''. To protect the unique wildlife and the post-glacial landscape some parts of the park, 18 altogether, have been turned into strict nature reserves. Of the12 lakes situated within the park, the most famous ones are: Lake Goreckie and Lake Dymaczewskie. The former, 17 metres deep, is the deepest one, whereas the latter, with the surface area of 120 ha, is the largest one. The Wielkopolski National Park also abounds in historical monuments. One of the most popular ones is the castle ruin on the Castle Islet on Lake Goreckie where one can get by a ferry. 



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