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Lakes of Poznan and its Environs

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Poznan, thanks to its geographical location in the Wielkopolskie Lake District, is an attractive recreational centre. Both the natural and artificial lakes, well-equipped with recreation and aquatic sports facilities, make Poznan popular with leisure-seeking inhabitants of Poznan and tourists alike.

Lake Malta – abundance of attractions

Lake Maltanskie (Jezioro Maltanskie) is an artificial lake formed by damming the waters of the Cybina River. It is mainly famous for the regatta track which is one of the best ones in Europe. Moreover, since the Canoe World Cup and Canoe European Championship were held here, Lake Malta has been known as a sports and recreational complex .

maltanskie Lake Poznan

It is fully equipped with the necessary facilities like the start islet, an umpire tower, a campsite, a restaurant, a hotel, etc. The lake also boasts a 60-metre-high fountain which is the largest floating fountain in Europe. Three times a day (10 a.m., 4.30 p.m., 9.45 p.m.) the lake attracts tourists who come here to watch the ''light and water shows.'' Not far from the lake there is a Malta-Ski Centre, open throughout the year, with a minigolf course, a playground for children and a toboggan course. The whole area abounds in tourist attractions.

Close to Lake Malta there is a hill, formed by bulldozers while deepening the lake, where one can get via chairlift to enjoy a panoramic view from the hilltop. The lake has a lot to offer to kids. One of the children-oriented attractions is the Maltanka train journey (the start – close to Maltanka Restaurant) to the zoological garden situated a few hundred metres away from the lake's eastern edge. The Zoo, often referred to as the New Zoological Garden, occupies the area of 113 ha, which makes it the largest zoo in Poland. Open to the public since 1974, this modern zoo is home to about 150 animal species. The vast areas surrounding the lake are a venue for the ''Malta'' International Theatre Festival held here at the end of June. The festival, the largest of this kind in Poland, is attended by an audience of 100,000 every year.

Lake Rusalka – paradise for anglers and holidaymakers

Lake Rusalka, situated close to the city centre, is an artificial body of water made by damming the Bogdanka River. Its surface area is almost 37 ha, while its average depth is nearly 2 metres. The lake is a recreation centre popular not only with anglers, who enjoy a wide variety of fish here (the zander, eel, pike, carp, etc.), but with holidaymakers as well. The Summer Sports and Recreation Centre, situated on the lake shore, is fully equipped with adequate facilites (a water slide, an aquatic equipment rental, a lifeguarded beach, etc.).

Lake Strzeszynskie – the cleanest of the lakes of Poznan

Lake Strzeszynskie, situated 10 km away from the centre of Poznan, is renowned as the cleanest of all the lakes around Poznan. Its picturesque location, in the midst of the deciduous and pine woods, a rich variety of fish and a well-equipped recreational centre facilities (a motel, a restaurant, bungalows, a campsite, etc.) make Strzeszynskie Lake an attractive summer destination. The surface area of this natural body of water is almost 35 ha, while its average depth is above 8 metres.

Lake Kierskie – a perfect site for recreational activities

Lake Kierskie, with its area equal to 285 ha, is the largest natural lake situated within the city boundaries of Poznan. The lake and its environs are a perfect site for anglers, sailors, swimmers and hikers. Every one can find here what they need. The anglers can enjoy a wide variety of fish; the sailors – sailing clubs; swimmers – recreation facilities and life-guarded bathing areas (in Kiekrz and Krzyzowniki), hikers – hiking trails.

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