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Christmas in Poznan

Streets, houses, bars and restaurants, shops windows are all in Christmas decorations, reminding of Christmas and New Year’s!

In Poland the most celebrated part of Christmas is Christmas Eve called Wigilia, when all the family meet at the traditional Christmas Eve supper. It is time for singing Christmas carols and unwrapping Christmas presents! Traditional Christmas Eve supper used to contain 12 different dishes, but nowadays there are usually not that many. Some most popular dishes include:
  • Barszcz z uszkami: beetroot soup with little ear-shaped dumplings stuffed with wild mushrooms
  • Fried carp
  • Jellied carp
  • Pierogi z kapusta i grzybami: dumplings filled with cabbage and wild mushrooms
  • Kapusta z grzybami: cabbage cooked with wild mushrooms
  • Stewed fruit drink made from prunes, dried pears and apples
  • Kutia: made from wheat, poppy seeds, honey and various nuts, raisins, figs and almonds
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